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“Slack and Zoom are the two most critical ways within HubSpot that we overcome the challenges of being distant, . . . The development of these apps has changed the way I communicate.” Watch the video

"We've rolled out Zoom Rooms, and it has increased the productivity of everyone in the office. Zoom works. Period." Watch the video

"Whether you're in a small, medium, or large room, or a training or all-hands space, it's the same seamless user experience." Watch the video

"Zoom helped us transform [technology] experience. It is one of those platforms that we didn’t need to market internally to increase adoption because it works every time." Watch the video

"Zoom handles all types of communications for us. Whether you're on a mobile phone or you're in a conference room, you're using Zoom and it all fits together. Zoom is how we get things done around here." Watch the video

“Zoom was one of the easiest pieces of software we ever deployed... I couldn’t say better things about the quality and ease of use of the software.” Read More

"It was very exciting to see people turn to us and say for the first time they had a meeting that was not only very successful, but they were able to start it very fast." Watch the video

"Our people like the ease and quickness of joining, and the ease of screen sharing. The UI is much better than most products." Read More

Fortune 100 Technology Company

"Zoom is very progressive. It invests in the right areas and is responsive to our requirements and requests." Read More

"Zoom does it all, and our webinars are now easy and simple for everyone to create and consume. Zoom is one of those must-have innovative tools that marketers should have in their tech stack if they want to run a successful world class webinar program." Read More

"Cloud recording had a big impact on our culture. Having global teams means we are located in multiple different time zones - if a colleague can’t join the meeting, they can watch the recording later on." Watch the video

"It is all about building connections and relationships and that’s why the technology needs to be personal - tools like Zoom make it easier to work and make our employees happier." Watch the video

"It's so easy to connect over Zoom and talk to somebody. Last year we did a collaboration survey of all our collaboration tools and Zoom Video Conferencing ranked #1 and Zoom Rooms ranked #2." Watch the video

“We think Zoom is the most complete solution on the market for video conferencing.” Read More

"As the team grew, we needed a video conferencing tool that could grow with us. That's when we made the switch to Zoom." Read More

"I can deploy digital signage in places like lobby or conference room - depending on what content is most appropriate for a given space. That to me is very corporate conscious." Watch the video

"Zoom is the meat and potatoes of the operation. Even in the most troublesome locations, Zoom works really well, and doesn’t create latency or echo problems inside the portals." Read More

"I thought Zoom Video Webinar was a great way to disrupt how we’ve been doing the same old tired earnings calls for the last few decades." Read More

"Zoom has been the only video conferencing solution that has worked across our customer base, on every device, and every browser." Read More

"When we started to roll Zoom out and started to add all the additional features Zoom could give us, it became really easy for us to move away from any other forms of video conferencing." Watch the video

"We've been able to consolidate our VC platforms quite significantly, and we've now standardized on Zoom for our meetings, webinars, and software-enabled conference rooms." Watch the video

"Zoom has made a huge change in our company culture. It’s an instant trust builder for our team." Read More

"When we started using Zoom, we loved it immediately. Zoom is just easy to use, and it’s really good at what it does." Read More

"We have about 120 Zoom Rooms right now globally. And we're using them for anything from small huddle rooms to large training rooms." Watch the video

"We are constantly running Zoom. Zoom really is the ecosystem we utilize for communication." Read More

"Zoom has really helped create that seamless customer experience. Zoom allows us to create a journey with our customers throughout the experience." Read More

"With Zoom, you can have cross-functional meetings spanning continents, and that's how the real exchange of ideas happens." Watch the video

"Zoom made going to work from home simple, and it was easy to pick up where we left off in the office.” Read mor" Read More

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Uber Palo Alto Networks Proofpoint Slack Go Daddy UCLA Rakuten Okta
Zoom is what video conferencing should be. Way simple, amazing quality and a snap to get everyone into a call. One call and you'll be hooked.
We believe the Zoom future state roadmap aligns to the future of work [and] the future of the conference room experience.
I've worked for Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Hewlett Packard - I can tell you without question that Zoom is by far the best tool available on the market in terms of collaboration - by far.
Core2Africa Networks
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